Data schema for hit tables ("streaming")


Streamed data is separated into tables by days, according to a time zone of a view selected during streaming setup.

Tables naming is 'streaming_YYYYMMDD'.

Hit data is available for processing within 2-5 minutes after sending.


Each hit is written to a separate row.


The columns within the table are listed below.

Tables contain all the fields that are sent using The Enhanced Ecommerce plug-in in Google Analytics.

Google BigQuery alias Google BigQuery data type Google Analytics dimension or metric
hitId STRING Hit identifier represented as UUID (version 4)
userId STRING User ID
userPhone STRING available only in Streaming, use parameter &tel=%2B1234567890
userEmail STRING available only in Streaming, use parameter &
userOwoxId STRING Additional user identifier that lets you track audience overlapping across domains without sending the Client ID parameter. Read more
clientId STRING Client ID
trackingId STRING Tracking ID / Web Property ID
date STRING Date
traffic RECORD  
traffic.referralPath STRING Referral Path
traffic.campaign STRING Campaign
traffic.source STRING Source
traffic.medium STRING Medium
traffic.keyword STRING Keyword
traffic.adContent STRING Ad Content
traffic.campaignId STRING Campaign ID
traffic.gclid STRING Google Ads ID
traffic.dclid STRING Google Display Ads ID
device RECORD  
device.ip STRING IP Override
device.userAgent STRING User Agent Override
device.flashVersion STRING Flash Version
device.javaEnabled BOOLEAN Java Support
device.language STRING Language
device.screenColors STRING Screen Colors
device.screenResolution STRING Screen Resolution
geo RECORD STRING Geographical Override
geoNetwork RECORD This section contains information about the geography of the user. STRING The users' country, derived from their IP addresses.
geoNetwork.countryIsoCode STRING The user's country code. Example: US.
geoNetwork.region STRING  The users' region, derived from their IP addresses.
geoNetwork.regionIsoCode STRING  The region code in the user's country. Example: USUT. STRING  The users' city, derived from their IP addresses.
geoNetwork.latitude FLOAT  The approximate latitude of the user's city. Derived from IP address. Locations north of the equator are represented by positive values and locations south of the equator by negative values.
geoNetwork.longitude FLOAT  The approximate longitude of the user's city. Derived from IP address. Locations east of the prime meridian are represented by positive values and locations west of the prime meridian by negative values.
customDimensions RECORD  
customDimensions.index INTEGER Custom Dimension XX
customDimensions.value STRING Custom Dimension XX
customMetrics RECORD  
customMetrics.index INTEGER Custom Metric XX Value
customMetrics.value FLOAT Custom Metric XX Value
customGroups RECORD  
customGroups.index INTEGER Page Group XX
customGroups.value STRING Page Group XX
hour INTEGER Hour
minute INTEGER Minute
time INTEGER Hit time on the server according to the time zone
timestamp INTEGER Hit time in milliseconds passed since January 1, 1970
queueTime INTEGER Queue Time
isSecure BOOLEAN hits.isSecure
isInteraction BOOLEAN Non-Interaction Hit
currency STRING Currency Code
referer STRING Full Referrer
dataSource STRING Data Source
social RECORD  
social.socialInteractionAction STRING Social Action
social.socialInteractionNetwork STRING Social Source
social.socialInteractionTarget STRING Social Entity
type STRING The type of hit
page RECORD  
page.pagePath STRING Page
page.hostname STRING Hostname
page.pageTitle STRING Page Title
eCommerceAction RECORD  
eCommerceAction.action_type STRING Product Action
eCommerceAction.option STRING Checkout Options
eCommerceAction.step INTEGER Checkout Step
eCommerceAction.list STRING Product Action List.
A list where action on product occurred (product.isImpression=FALSE).
experiment RECORD

Content experiments. The value can be submitted in several ways:

  • using parameter exp, where the experiment id and variation id are defined and separated with a dot (exp=4KxxxFg.1);
  • using parameters expid and expvar, where the experiment id and variation id are defined (expid=4KxxxFg&expvar=1);
  • using parameters xid and xvar, where the experiment id and variation id are defined (xid=4KxxxFg&xvar=1);
  • using parameter utm_expid in URL, where the experiment id is defined (https:/;
  • using parameter utm_expid in URL, where the experiment id and variation id are defined (https:/, where 4KxxxFg is experiment id and 1 is variation id). Applied automatically in Google Optimize.
experiment.experimentId STRING Experiment ID
experiment.experimentVariant STRING Experiment variant
product RECORD  
product.isImpression BOOLEAN hits.product.isImpression
product.impressionList STRING Product List Name.
A list where a product was shown (product.isImpression=TRUE).
product.productBrand STRING Product Brand
product.productPrice FLOAT Product Revenue
product.productQuantity INTEGER Quantity
product.productSku STRING Product SKU
product.productVariant STRING Product Variant
product.productCategory STRING Product Category
product.productName STRING Product
product.position INTEGER Product List Position STRING Product Coupon Code
product.customDimensions RECORD  
product.customDimensions.index INTEGER Product Custom Dimension
product.customDimensions.value STRING Product Custom Dimension
product.customMetrics RECORD  
product.customMetrics.index INTEGER Product Custom Metric
product.customMetrics.value STRING Product Custom Metric
promotion RECORD  
promotion.promoCreative STRING Internal Promotion Creative
promotion.promoId STRING Internal Promotion ID
promotion.promoName STRING Internal Promotion Name
promotion.promoPosition STRING Internal Promotion Position
promotionActionInfo STRING Promotion Action
transaction RECORD  
transaction.transactionId STRING Transaction ID
transaction.transactionRevenue FLOAT Revenue
transaction.transactionTax FLOAT Tax
transaction.transactionShipping FLOAT Shipping
transaction.transactionCoupon STRING Order Coupon Code
transaction.affiliation STRING Affiliation
contentInfo RECORD  
contentInfo.contentDescription STRING Screen Name
appInfo RECORD STRING App Name
appInfo.version STRING App Version STRING App ID
appInfo.installerId STRING App Installer ID
exceptionInfo RECORD  
exceptionInfo.description STRING Exception Description
exceptionInfo.isFatal BOOLEAN Is Exception Fatal?
eventInfo RECORD  
eventInfo.eventCategory STRING Event Category
eventInfo.eventAction STRING Event Action
eventInfo.eventLabel STRING Event Label
eventInfo.eventValue STRING Event Value
timingInfo RECORD  
timingInfo.timingCategory STRING Timing Category
timingInfo.timingVariable STRING Timing Variable
timingInfo.timingLabel STRING Timing Label
timingInfo.timingValue INTEGER User Timing
timingInfo.pageLoad INTEGER Page Load Time
timingInfo.DNS INTEGER Domain Lookup Time
timingInfo.pageDownload INTEGER Page Download Time
timingInfo.redirectResponse INTEGER Redirection Time
timingInfo.TCPConnect INTEGER Server Connection Time
timingInfo.serverResponse INTEGER Server Response Time
timingInfo.DOMInteractive INTEGER Document Interactive Time
timingInfo.contentLoad INTEGER Document Content Loaded Time

 Tables contain repeated records. When selecting data, tables will be flattened over nested fields.

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