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Before setting up session data streaming, you first need to create a streaming pipeline and make sure you have implemented the tracking code.

Note: The settings and filters applied to your Google Analytics view affect the data in the session streaming tables.

How to set up session data streaming

1. On, select a streaming pipeline and go to Session streaming tab:


3. Choose required custom dimension Session ID from dropdown list;


Note:Here you select the name of the custom dimension, and in the code you must specify the index custom dimension.


If you don't have any custom dimension of session scope, you can create it directly in the interface or read how to create it in GA here;

4. Save settings.

5: Make sure that in already set up tracking code you pass id of custom dimension you selected before.

For example: ga('owox.require', 'OWOXBIStreaming', {sessionIdDimension: index}):


To collect user identifiers (user.Id field) and type of visited pages (hits.pageType field) set the optional parameters:

Check that these parameters are passed in the tracking code.

The first table with data about the sessions will appear within 48 hours. You can see structure of the table here.

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