What dynamic parameters in the Bing Ads ad links does OWOX BI support?

We support dynamic parameters in the URL:

  • {CampaignId}
  • {AdGroupId}
  • {MatchType}
  • {BidMatchType}
  • {Network}
  • {Device}
  • {IfMobile:string}
  • {IfNotMobile:string}
  • {IfSearch:string}
  • {IfContent:string}
  • {keyword:default}
  • {AdId}
  • {OrderItemId}
  • {QueryString}
  • {param1}
  • {param2}
  • {param3}

But for some parameters there is no solution to determine the value (data is not available in Bing Ads API):

  • {Campaign}
  • {AdGroup}
  • {TargetId}
  • {IfNative:string}
  • {IfPLA:string}
  • {ignore}
  • {lpurl}
  • {lpurl+2}, {escapedlpurl+2}
  • {lpurl+3}, {escapedlpurl+3}
  • {unescapedlpurl}
  • {escapedlpurl}
  • {ProductId}
  • {CriterionId}
  • {product_country}
  • {product_language}
  • {seller_name}

If you use some of those unsupported paraneters in UTM-tags you will see the parameter names instead of their values, for example, {AdId} instead of real ad ID.

In order to keep matching visits and ad expenses in Cost Analysis report, such unsupported parameters have to be moved from UTM-tags to additional custom GET-parameters and collected to custom dimensions in Google Analytics:

  • cost data will be available only for UTM-tags values,
  • session data will be available for unsupported parameters (through custom dimensions) and UTM-tags values.
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