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Import cost data from other sources

You can manually import cost data for each and every source/medium you have in your Google Analytics property.

To do that, create an Other sources pipeline:

  1. Go to Create pipeline screen and click Other sources:


  2. Select a Google Analytics access or create a new one:


  3. Select a Google Analytics property and dataset. This dataset is where the data will be exported to:


  4. Specify the VAT rate to exclude from the exported data and select Google Analytics view that will display the imported costs: other_sources_-_finish_en.png


    • you can change the VAT rate at any time on the Settings tab on the pipeline page;
    • currency and timezone settings will be synchronized with your GA view settings, so you would get consistent data;
    • after creating the pipeline, it takes up to 24h to analyze available sources from your Google Analytics property
  5. Once the data is synchronized, you can manually specify cost data to export in the pipeline you've just created. To do that, open the pipeline from pipelines list.
  6. Select a source/medium you need and enter the cost data in the Costs column:


  7. We highly recommend you to input costs for the previous month at the beginning of the current month. Otherwise, you can hit the Google Analytics quota: 50 upload operations per property per day.

Data will be available in Google Analytics's Cost Analysis report on the next day.

How the costs are distributed

The costs are allocated proportionally to daily visits for each source. Redistribution and updating happen daily.

What data does the Other sources pipeline uploads to GA

The pipeline uploads thee to your Google Analytics:

  • source
  • medium
  • campaign
  • adCost
  • date 

For each date, we upload a separate file.

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