Project access rights and user management

Access rights to OWOX BI projects

There are three types of user access rights to OWOX BI projects:

  • Admin: Users have full access to all project settings and content.
  • Editor: Users can create, modify, and delete project content but cannot manage billing or members.
  • Viewer: Users can view project content but cannot make changes.

A user who creates an OWOX BI project automatically gets the "Admin" access rights.


How to add a new user to a project

ImportantOnly users with Admin access rights can add a new user to the OWOX BI project and assign their access rights.

1. Go to the Members page (make sure you have the Admin access rights):


3. Click the Invite People button:


3. Enter the Email of the user you want to add to the project and assign the Access rights to them:


4. Click Send invite.


The invited user will receive an email from OWOX BI with your invitation.

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