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Project access rights and user management

Access rights to OWOX BI projects

There are three types of user access rights to OWOX BI projects:

  • Administration: a user has full access to all the settings and contents in the project. 
  • Editing: a user can create, modify, move, and delete data pipelines and models. Can't make changes to the billing settings and manage other users' project access rights. 
  • View and analysis: a user can view pipelines and models, and work with Smart Data. Can't make any changes.

A user who creates an OWOX BI project automatically gets the "Administration" access rights. A project administrator can add new users to the project and manage users' access rights.

Important: To create Attribution models, Smart Data models, and pipelines that gather data into BigQuery, as well as edit data sources in the existing Attribution and Smart Data models, a user also needs access to the Google Cloud Platform project containing the source data.

How to add a new user to a project

You can add a new user to the OWOX BI project and assign their access rights.

1. Go to Project settings:


3. Go to the Access Rights tab, make sure you have the Administration access rights. Then click New user:


3. Enter the Email of the user you want to add to the project and assign the Access rights for them:


4. Click Add.

You'll be able to manage the access right of the user in the Access Rights tab at any time.

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