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Video: How to set up an attribution model in OWOX BI Attribution

If you have a session data collection pipeline created in OWOX BI, an ML Funnel Based Attribution model is created automatically as soon as the first session data table appears in your BigQuery dataset. If you need to create additional models, follow the instructions below.

To create a model, go to OWOX BI main page and click Create model in the Attribution section:


You can also do it on the model list screen:


On the model creation page, do the following.

1. Provide access to your Google BigQuery project

OWOX BI needs this access to get input data from Google BigQuery and save the calculation results to another BigQuery dataset.Create_attribution_model_1_en.png

2. Select a data source of user actions

As a source, you can use:


Here, note the BigQuery dataset location. It can be one of the two multi-region locations: the EU (European Union) or the US (United States). After selecting the EU as the initial data source for the attribution model, you won't be able to add to this model a source from the US location. And the other way around. 

If you want to know how you can transfer BigQuery data between locations, read this article.

3. Click Create model

Done. The model has been created. Now, set up and calculate it.

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