How to create a new report using BigQuery Reports Add-on

To create a new report, select on the toolbar Add-ons→OWOX BI BigQuery Reports →Add a new report:

Note: Each new report is created in a new sheet.

Provide report configuration in a sidebar:

1. Select the existing Google Cloud Platform project;

2. Select a Google BigQuery query, that will provide data to be loaded;

  • To add a new query, click + Add new query… in the list of your queries on the right-side menu:add-new-query.png
  • To edit an existing query, select it in the list of your queries and click Edit. That opens a convenient query editor — it supports syntax highlighting, auto-suggestions, versioning, query verification, and data processed volume estimation:edit-query.png

3. If selected Google BigQuery query contains dynamic parameters, you may modify them.

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