Creating a New Report: Step-by-Step Instructions

After successfully installing the OWOX BI BigQuery Reports extension, you can proceed to create a new report by following the steps below:

Step 1. Open the 'Extensions' menu in the Google Sheets toolbar. Locate the 'OWOX BI BigQuery Reports' item, then select 'Add a new report'.


Note:Each new report is created in a new sheet.

Step 2. The extension interface is opened. Now select the Google BigQuery project from the list of projects you can access.


ImportantThis list showcases GCP projects accessible to your Google account, which was used during the installation of the Extension. Selecting a GCP project and running a Query in the Extension automatically creates an OWOX BI project if none is already associated with that GCP project. Read more in this article


Step 3. If you don't have any existing Queries, click the 'Create' link to create the first one. Otherwise, select one of the existing Queries from the list.


3.1. In the Query editor that has been opened, name your Query and write your SQL code.


The Query editor supports syntax highlighting, auto-suggestions, versioning, SQL code verification, and data-processed volume estimation.

After coding, make sure that your code is valid, check the estimated value of processed data, and click the 'Save & Run' button.

3.2. To edit an existing Query, select it in the list of your Queries and click the 'Edit' link. edit-query.png

Step 4. (Optional) If the selected Query contains dynamic parameters, you may modify them.


Step 5. Click the 'Run' button to load your data from BigQuery to the Spreadsheet.


You're all set! Wait while the data is loaded into your Spreadsheet.


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