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Google Analytics → Google BigQuery: Cost data pipeline setup

Note:When you create a hit and session data pipeline, OWOX BI automatically creates a cost data export pipeline from Google Analytics to Google BigQuery.

If you don't have a cost data pipeline set up, you can create it separately.

Go to the OWOX BI main page. There, in the section Pipeline, click Create pipeline.

Then, take the following steps:

  1. Select Google Analytics as a data source:Create_pipeline_step_1_GA_en.png
  2. Select Cost data as the type of data:Create_pipeline_step_1_cost_data_en.png
  3. Provide access to the Google Analytics account you want to export cost data from:cost_data_ga_access_en.png
  4. Select Google Analytics property and view containing cost data to export to Google BigQuery:Cost_data_google_analytics_view_en.png

    Note:Filters and view settings in Google Analytics affect the exported data as well.

  5. Provide access to Google BigQuery account where you want to store the exported data in:cost_data_bq_access.png
  6. Finally, select the BigQuery project and dataset where you want OWOX BI to store data to. If you need a new dataset, you can create it right here by clicking Create in the drop-down dataset list:cost_data_select_a_bq_dataset.png
  7. Click Create pipeline. Done, you've finished creating a cost data pipeline from Google Analytics to Google BigQuery.

When does the data get to Google BigQuery

When you create a pipeline, OWOX BI imports historical data from your Google Analytics View for the previous six months. The tables with the imported data will be appearing in Google BigQuery gradually, starting with the latest date. Importing all the data takes up to 48 hours, depending on the data's overall amount.

The regular daily data import usually takes up to 2 hours: between 10 AM and 12 AM. If a large amount of your Google Analytics data has been retroactively updated, table updates and creation can take up to 24 hours.

Read more about how OWOX BI uploads cost data to Google BigQuery.

Note:You can create only one pipeline with cost data for each Google Analytics Property.

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