Google Analytics → Google BigQuery: Cost data pipeline setup

Note:When you create a hit and session data pipeline, OWOX BI automatically creates a cost data export pipeline from Google Analytics to Google BigQuery.

If you don't have a cost data pipeline set up, you can create it separately.

Go to the OWOX BI main page. There, in the section Pipeline, click Create pipeline.

Then, take the following steps:

  1. Select Google Analytics as a data source:Create_pipeline_step_1_GA_en.png
  2. Select Cost data as the type of data:Create_pipeline_step_1_cost_data_en.png
  3. Provide access to the Google Analytics account you want to export cost data from:cost_data_ga_access_en.png
  4. Select Google Analytics property and view containing cost data to export to Google BigQuery:Cost_data_google_analytics_view_en.png

    Note:Filters and view settings in Google Analytics affect the exported data as well.

  5. Provide access to Google BigQuery account where you want to store the exported data in:cost_data_bq_access.png
  6. Finally, select the BigQuery project and dataset where you want OWOX BI to store data to. If you need a new dataset, you can create it right here by clicking Create in the drop-down dataset list:cost_data_select_a_bq_dataset.png
  7. Click Create pipeline. Done, you've finished creating a cost data pipeline from Google Analytics to Google BigQuery.

Once the pipeline is created, OWOX BI starts importing data into the CostData_ tables. Read more about the data sources used for the CostData_ tables and the timing of data uploading to Google BigQuery.

Note:You can create only one pipeline with cost data for each Google Analytics Property.

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