Limitations for the number of traffic sources and exclusions of 'source/medium' for importing from other sources

Only the first 200 of traffic sources ('source/medium') are available, which are sorted by the number of sessions from highest to lowest.

Note that we exclude the following 'source/medium' sets:

  • any non-organic 'medium' when the 'source' = 'google'
  • 'source/medium' sets that have costs data imported via OWOX BI
  • 'source' longer than 100 characters
  • 'medium' longer than 50 characters
  • 'source/medium' that contains Emoticons, Miscellaneous Symbols and Pictographs, Transport And Map Symbols, Dingbats.

This pipeline imports a separate file for each date. In other words, 30 days = 30 files. We highly recommend you to input costs for the previous month at the beginning of the current month. By doing it in any other way, you can reach the Google Analytics quota of 50 upload operations per property per day.

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