What parameters in the Yandex.Direct ad links does OWOX BI support?

Yes, we process the ad parameters that you can specify in the links:

  • {ad_id} or {banner_id}
  • {addphrases}
  • {adtarget_name}
  • {adtarget_id}
  • {campaign_id}
  • {device_type}
  • {gbid}
  • {keyword}*
  • {phrase_id}*
  • {retargeting_id}*
  • {coef_goal_context_id}
  • {position_type}
  • {source}
  • {source_type}
  • {param1}
  • {param2}
  • {region_id}
  • {region_name}

However, Yandex Direct doesn’t provide some of them via API:

  • {position}
  • {addphrasestext}
  • {interest_id}
  • {creative_id}

If you use some of those unsupported parameters in UTM-tags you’ll see the parameter names instead of their values, for example: {source} instead of go.mail.ru.

In order to keep matching visits and ad expenses in the Cost Analysis report, move the unsupported parameters from UTM-tags to additional custom GET-parameters and collect them to custom dimensions in Google Analytics:

  • Cost data will be available only for UTM-tags values.
  • Session data will be available for unsupported parameters (through custom dimensions) and UTM-tags values.

* The {keyword}, {phrase_id} and {retargeting_id} parameters are being supported partially. With all three in one link, the dynamic values of some of these parameters won't be collected. If not having one or two of these parameters is not critical for your campaign, just remove it from the links to get all dynamic values correctly.

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