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Cost data import: Set up the automatic import

Video: How to set up a cost data import pipeline from advertising services to Google Analytics

Note: Before creating the pipeline, make sure you've made all the required settings in your Google Analytics account.

To set up the automatic cost data import you need:

Step 1: In the pipeline setup, select the ad service you want to export cost data from


Step 2: Add/select your access to the advertising service


Step 3: Add/select the access to your Google Analytics account


Step 4: Select the Google Analytics property and data set

This must be the GA property you want to import your cost data to. The imported data will be available for reporting in all views connected to this data set.


Step 5: Specify additional settings

VAT to exclude

  • While cost data imported from Google Ads and a number of other ad services don't include VAT by default, for some ad services, you need to exclude VAT when setting up a pipeline. This will ensure that you get an accurate analysis of comparable metrics from all your ad services.
  • You can change VAT rate at any time later on by going to the Settings tab on the pipeline page.
  • Some of the advertising services, when executing requests to their API, return data on costs without taxes, so the step VAT to exclude in the settings of such pipelines is absent.

Note:Currently, there is no technical possibility to add VAT for the imported costs. It's only possible to exclude VAT for the ad services that include it to the cost data. If you don't need to exclude VAT, leave the field empty.

Select Google Analytics view

  • If the currencies in your ad service account and Google Analytics view are different, the costs are automatically converted to the currency of the selected view using the Open Exchange Rates API, so you would have all your cost data in one currency.
  • The conversion from Yandex units to a Google Analytics view currency is described in this article.
  • If the currency of your ad service and the currency of your GA view match, then the costs are uploaded without any conversions.
  • The timezone is also synchronized with your GA view settings, so you have all the data in the same timezone.


Step 6: Click Create pipeline

Done. Now cost data from the advertising service will be automatically uploaded to your Google Analytics property.

The data is available in the Google Analytics within 36 hours for the Marketing Data, Reports & Attribution, and Enterprise subscription plans. For the plan Start, data export may take a little more time.

The data is uploaded in two steps:

  1. It takes up to 12 hours to import and process the data in OWOX BI service after the data is available on the advertising platform.
  2. After successful upload and once processing has completed, it can take up to 24 hours before the data becomes available in reports.
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