Cost data import: Run the automatic import

Video: How to setup a cost data import pipeline from advertising services to Google Analytics

Notice: Before the creation of the pipeline, make sure that you have completed all the required settings in your Google Analytics account.

To configure the automatic import you should:

Step 1: Select the appropriate ad service in the pipeline setup:


Step 2: Add/select an existing access to advertising services:


Step 3: Add/select an existing access to Google Analytics:


Step 4: Select GA web property and data set:

Notice:Your imported data will be available for reporting in all views connected to a data set.


Step 5: Specify additional settings:


  • you can change VAT rate at any time on the Settings tab of the pipeline page;
  • some of the advertising services, when executing requests to their API, return data on costs without taxes, so the step "Enter the VAT rate you want to substract" in the settings of such pipelines is also absent;
  • to bring the cost data from different advertising services to the uniform currency, we use the currency that is set up in the Google Analytics view you connect (exchange rate is taken from Yahoo! Finance);
  • and for the timezone, we also synchronize it to your GA view settings, so you have data in the same timezone.


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