Uploading data

To upload data in Google Analytics from Google Sheets, please complete the following steps:

  • Create a new data set in Google Analytics (or use an existing one).
  • Create a new Google Sheets table (or use an existing one).
  • Set all the key values in the Google Sheets table.

The table structure is determined by a data set you used. To get data pattern in a .csv format, navigate to the dataset settings in your Google Analytics account and click Get schema.

A .csv file lists the variables separated with commas within a single cell. Split the given list into columns. You will need to complete each of these columns with the relevant values later on. 

For instance,


ga:date — date related to an ad cost in format YYYYMMDD (e.g., January 14, 2015 — 20150114);

ga:sourcethe origin of the traffic;

ga:medium — the category of the source;

ga:adCost — cost listed in a currency of your Google Analytics (use point as a decimal separator).

  • After filling out the Google Sheets table with data, navigate Add-ons > OWOX BI Data Upload > Upload data.

  • Specify GA Account, Web Property, and Dataset on the add-on sidebar.
  • To confirm, click Verify & Upload
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