Cost data import: What you need to import data

Video: How to setup a cost data import pipeline from advertising services to Google Analytics

Create Google Analytics data set 

Here's how to create a data set.

1. In the Admin section, select the account and property you want to import data to.

2. Select Data Import and click Create:GA_data_set_1_en.png

3. Select Data Set type as Cost Data:GA_data_set_2_en.png

4. Enter the Data Set Name and choose the Enabled Views. Cost data will be available only for the selected views:GA_data_set_3_en.png

Note:If you want to import your ad cost data to several views at once, you need to select these views while creating the data set.
Note that while creating an OWOX BI pipeline, you'll have to select only one Google Analytics view as the destination. If you have several views connected to one data set, the imported ad costs will appear in all the connected views but will be converted to the currency of the view you have selected during the pipeline creation.

5. Choose all the dimensions and metrics as shown in the screenshot:GA_data_set_4_en.png

The ad cost data imported via an OWOX BI pipeline won't be duplicated in your reports. Therefore, you're free to choose any import behavior you need.

Along with the default dimensions, our pipeline also imports these dimensions:

  • Ad position
  • Google Ads campaign ID

Check the currency settings

OWOX BI uploads cost data to your Google Analytics property converting costs' currency set in the ad service into the currency set in a Google Analytics view that you specify during the pipeline setup.

You can change the currency in your Google Analytics view settings.

Before creating a cost data pipeline, consider these currency conversion details:

  • If the currencies in your ad service account and Google Analytics view are different, the costs are automatically converted to the currency of the selected view using the Open Exchange Rates API, so you would have all your cost data in one currency.
  • If the currency of your ad service and the currency of your GA view match, then the costs are uploaded without any conversions.
  • The timezone is also synchronized with your GA view settings, so you have all the data in the same timezone.
  • The conversion from Yandex units to a Google Analytics view currency is described in this article.

How to change the currency in an existing pipeline

That's it. Once everything is checked, you can start creating the pipeline.

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