Which Google Sheets Documents Utilize OWOX BI BigQuery Reports Extension?

Identifying the Google Sheets documents that are leveraging the OWOX BI BigQuery Reports extension can be achieved by navigating the 'Credits Consumption' page. Follow the steps listed below.

Step 1: Access the 'Credits Consumption' page

Go to bi.owox.com and navigate to the project menu. Click on the 'Credits Consumption' item to enter the dedicated consumption overview.


Step 2: Choose the month

Select the specific month you want to monitor from the available options.



Step 3: Locate the 'OWOX BI BigQuery Reports' section

Find the 'OWOX BI BigQuery Reports (Extension for Google Sheets)' section. Click on the 'Report Run Lite' row to access detailed information.



Step 4: View the list of Google Sheets documents


In the opened table, you can gain insights into the number of Data Marts (Queries) used in your Google Sheets documents. Explore the frequency of data refreshes on each Sheet (List) of these documents for a specified month. This bird’s-eye view empowers you to assess and optimize data utilization across your entire team.

Additionally, you have the option to open each document by clicking on either the document name or the Sheet (List) name.


For further assistance or clarification on individual documents, feel free to reach out to the OWOX BI support team at bi@owox.com.

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