How to set up or pause an auto-run schedule

In this article, we'll guide you on how to configure the schedule for pipeline runs and how to temporarily pause the execution of a pipeline without altering its configuration.

Changing the schedule

Navigate to the Pipeline page. Open the pipeline page and switch to the "Time triggers" tab.


Default settings

By default, the automatic schedule for pipeline runs is enabled, set to initiate daily at 00:00 in UTC +0:00 timezone.



Adjusting schedule

Modify the schedule settings. Under the "Time-frequency" field, you have three options:

  • Start every day (by default)
  • Start every week
  • Start every month


Weekly schedule: If you choose "Start every week," you can select specific days of the week.


Monthly schedule: Opting for "Start every month" allows you to choose specific days of the month.


After configuring the schedule, remember to save the changes by clicking the "Save pipeline" button.



Pause auto-run for pipeline

You can temporarily suspend the execution of a pipeline without altering its configuration.

Toggle off the trigger on the Time Triggers tab and Save the changes to apply the pause.


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