OWOX BI BigQuery Reports (Google Sheets Extension): Terms of usage

The "OWOX BI BigQuery Reports" extension for Google Sheets empowers users to create a collection of Data Marts (Queries) within their OWOX BI project. A Data Mart encompasses users' SQL statements and the active Google Cloud Platform (GCP) project name.

When a user runs a Data Mart (Query), it activates the execution of SQL statements. Each Data Mart (Query) execution contributes to a Consumption Unit count, classified into two types:

  • Report Run: The Data Mart (Query) is executed on behalf of OWOX's GCP project. Processing costs are covered by OWOX company.
  • Report Run Lite: The Data Mart (Query) is performed on behalf of the customer's GCP project and serves as the default Consumption Unit for each OWOX BI Project. Customers cover processing costs through their GCP billing account.

General Information

  • There is no distinction in calculating how the Query was executed, whether automatically or manually.
  • The nature of the SQL statement (select, update, delete, etc.) doesn't impact the calculation of Consumption Units.
  • When calculating the number of Consumption Units, we consider any Google Sheets documents and all sheets within those documents where the Data Mart (Query) is executed.

How does Report Run count?

Each Data Mart (Query) successful run in the extension equals 1 Report Run, regardless of the amount of data processed in the result.

How does Report Run Lite count?

Each Data Mart (Query) successful run in the extension equals 1 Report Run Lite, regardless of the amount of data processed in the result.


Examples of calculation consumption units

Google Sheets Document Sheet name Data Mart (Query) name Report Run Lite
Document #1 Sheet1 Query1

1 (manual)

1 (scheduled)

Sheet2 Query2 1 (scheduled)
Document #2 Sheet1 Query3 3 (manual)
Document #3 Sheet1 Query2 24 (scheduled)
Document #4 Sheet1 Query1 1 (manual)
Sheet1 Query2 1 (manual)
Sheet1 Query3 1 (manual)
Sheet1 Query4 1 (manual)
Total: 34



Q: How can I monitor the number of Reports Runs per month?

A: On the OWOX BI app, go to the 'Credits consumption' page to see the number of Report Runs Lite generated in OWOX BI BigQuery Reports Extension. It shows the total for all your Google Sheets documents where reports have been launched.


Q: Will my reports be updated if I exceed the limit?

A: Absolutely! Your reports will keep updating on schedule, and manual runs will proceed as usual, even if you go beyond the limit. No interruptions here.


Q: How are the monthly limits calculated if I pay the tariff upfront for the year?

A: Let's break it down. If you need up to 2,000 data refreshes per month, select 2000 Report Runs Lite monthly on the payment page. This totals to 1200 credits per year (i.e., 100 credits per month). Once your card is charged, you'll get 100 credits monthly to run 2000 Report Runs Lite, ensuring regular updates to your reports within the OWOX BI project. Simple and seamless.


Q: What happens if I exceed the set limit?

A: If your Report Runs beyond the limit, you'll be billed on a Pay As You Go basis at the rates specified on our Pricing page. Let's break it down with an example: if you get 100 credits for 2000 Report Runs Lite each month and end up using 3000 (equivalent to 150 credits) in the first month, the excess – 50 credits – will be charged to your card the following month. If this becomes a regular thing, you can adjust your plan; feel free to contact our Support Team for help.


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