What access is required for Pipelines/Streaming/Transformations/Google Sheet Extension?

When delving into OWOX BI's powerful features such as Pipelines, Streaming, Transformations, and the Google Sheet Extension, understanding the access requirements is crucial for seamless and secure operation.

Access to BigQuery datasets

All OWOX BI products utilize the OWOX BI service account, exclusively created for your OWOX BI project. It's important to highlight that the service account is endowed with the 'BigQuery Data Editor' role only on specific BigQuery datasets utilized within OWOX BI.

Typically, creating three datasets (OWOXBI_BlendedAdSpend, OWOXBI_GA4_Streaming, OWOXBI_Reports) is adequate for using OWOX BI, and these datasets need to be shared with the OWOX BI service account.

IMPORTANTOWOX BI does not necessitate sharing any other data from your Google Cloud environment.

Controlling the list of shared BigQuery datasets is made easy through the 'Shared datasets' page within OWOX BI.

Additionally, maintaining awareness of the user list in your OWOX BI project is vital. Users involved in configuring Pipelines, Streaming, and Transformations to prepare data for reports should have “Admin” or “Editor” roles in your OWOX BI project, along with the necessary GCP project access and associated "BigQuery Data Editor" and "BigQuery User" roles.

Access to Ad Services accounts

We always aim to obtain the minimum necessary levels of access to gather the most comprehensive data for your reports. In most cases, this involves a read-only level in the Data Source. For more details, read this article.


By adhering to these access control measures and considerations, you ensure a smooth, secure, and controlled environment for utilizing OWOX BI features. If you have further questions or need support, don't hesitate to reach out to us at bi@owox.com.


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