Changelog of the 'Sessionization - GA4 BigQuery Export' template.


December 12, 2023 - v.1.06

A new field was added. The new field was added to the result table schema - platform. 
This field by default filled with "WEB" values, if session was created by this template.

November 14, 2023 - v.1.01

Introduced a daily event count check for users. Those surpassing 10,000 events in a day are excluded from the sessionization due to potential bot-like behavior.
Adjusted the population of parameters hits.transaction.transactionId and hits.transaction.transactionRevenue. If the transaction format is incorrectly passed (e.g., using INTEGER or FLOAT instead of STRING) and e-commerce is not filled, values are extracted from event_params for the respective parameters.


September 19, 2023 - v.1.00

Added a fresh version of the template. 

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