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In this article, we'll explore the Usage page within your project's settings, a valuable resource for tracking your OWOX BI product usage history. Whether you're managing billing, monitoring the number of Pipelines used, or keeping an eye on Unique users, this page provides essential insights for optimizing your OWOX BI experience.

NoteIf you need to overview actual Credits consumption in your OWOX BI project, please open this article.

Accessing the Usage Page

To access the Usage page, follow these simple steps:

Step 1. Start by clicking on the name of your project in the page header.

Step 2. In the opened project menu, select the 'Project settings' link.


Step 3. Within the Project settings page, locate and click on the 'Usage' tab.


You'll find yourself on the Usage page, ready to dive into your OWOX BI product usage data.



Understanding the Usage Page

The Usage page comprises three main information blocks, and above them, you'll notice a selector that allows you to choose a billing period.


The data displayed within the information blocks will correspond to the selected billing period, giving you a comprehensive overview of your product usage.


Billing info

The first information block, labeled 'Billing,' provides a detailed breakdown of the billing activity that occurred during the selected period. It's an essential resource for tracking your expenses and understanding how your subscription or usage charges are calculated.



Number of Pipelines Used

In the 'Number of Pipelines Used' block, you'll find a chart that tracks the daily usage of Pipelines (only from Ads services → Google Analytics Universal pipelines). This chart helps you monitor the activity of your Pipelines and assess their efficiency over time.



Number of Used Unique Users

The 'Number of Used Unique Users' block displays a cumulative chart that tracks the daily number of processed Unique users within your OWOX BI project. This chart encompasses all Unique users processed through OWOX BI Streaming, regardless of the data format (hit-based or event-based).


One notable feature of this chart is its time delay. You'll find yesterday's data available two days later. For instance, if you're interested in Unique users for September 1st, you'll find this data accessible on September 3rd.

By providing these insights, the Usage page empowers you to make informed decisions about your OWOX BI product usage. Whether you need to manage your expenses, optimize your data pipelines, or monitor user engagement, this page is your go-to resource.


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