Template result: data schema of final destination tables

This transformation generates several tables, that would be used for CMO Dashboard Model Based transformation. 

There is no reason to describe these tables fully, so we provide short descriptions of each table. 


STG_Object serves as an intermediate table designed to optimize data processing.


The sessions table represents a periodic structure partitioned by session date. It contains information about user sessions, enabling the analysis and assessment of user activities over different time periods.


The event table is also periodic and partitioned by event date. It holds data about events, allowing for a more detailed study of interactions and activities within the system.


The eventInfo reference provides information for deciphering event-related data. This reference facilitates the understanding of event characteristics and details.


The trafficSource reference provides decoding information about traffic sources. It helps determine where the traffic is coming from. 


The geo dictionary contains information for decoding geographic data. 


The device reference offers data for deciphering device-related information. 


The user reference holds information for decoding user-related data. 


The productInTransactions reference provides data for deciphering information about products within transactions. Planned to be optimized in future. 


The product reference contains information for deciphering data about products. 


The web_transactions table serves as an intermediate periodic structure partitioned by transaction date. It contains data about WEB transactions, excluding duplicated records.


The crm_transactions table, also intermediate and periodic, partitioned by transaction date, contains data about CRM transactions in "Completed" and "Refunded" statuses, excluding duplicated records. (ADD LINK TO INSTRUCTION ON WEBSSITE)


The transactions table is periodic and partitioned by transaction date. It holds information about WEB and CRM transactions.

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