How to change settings in created pipeline

The "Google BigQuery → Google Analytics 4 (via SFTP)" pipeline is a powerful tool for importing data from BigQuery to Google Analytics 4. During the pipeline setup, you specify the required settings, such as the source of your data, SFTP server configuration, and destination data format. Once the pipeline is activated, the data starts to be imported from the BigQuery table to the Google Analytics 4 Data source.

However, there may be cases when you need to change one of the pipeline's settings. You need to delete the existing pipeline and create a new one with the required settings.

To delete the existing pipeline, click on the “...” icon and choose the “Delete” option.


To create a new pipeline, you can use this instruction.

And that's it! You have now successfully changed the settings in the "Google BigQuery → Google Analytics 4 (via SFTP)" pipeline. Remember to always delete the existing pipeline before creating a new one with the required settings.

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