How to create and share BigQuery datasets with OWOX BI

This article will guide you through the process of creating and sharing BigQuery datasets with the OWOX BI service account. By using the service account, OWOX BI products can interact with BigQuery on your behalf for data collection and processing scenarios where the OWOX BI user is not directly involved. The OWOX BI service account will have the ‘BigQuery Data Editor’ role only on specific BigQuery datasets you use in OWOX BI.

Important:To follow the instructions below, you must have either the 'BigQuery Admin' or 'BigQuery Data Owner' role on the respective dataset. How to add these roles.

Step 1. To get started, open your OWOX BI project page or go to

Step 2. Click on the project name located in the header section. From the menu that appears, hit the "Shared datasets" link.


Step 3. You will see a page with two sections:


3.1. The OWOX BI's service account is used in your OWOX BI project. You can copy it and share the GCP project or BigQuery datasets in the Google Cloud Console interface.

3.2.  List of shared datasets, which were shared using OWOX BI interface only. Here you see the full path to the dataset, its location, and its status. By clicking on the dataset title you can open dataset's details page in the BigQuery interface.


Step 4. On this page, you can create a new dataset or share an existing dataset by clicking on the ‘Share dataset’ button.


Step 5. Sign in with your Google account.


Important:This account should have either the 'BigQuery Admin' or 'BigQuery Data Owner' role on the respective dataset. If your account doesn’t have a required role, you can invite a colleague to the OWOX BI project, who has the necessary permissions.


Step 6. Select the BigQuery project and dataset that you want to share with the OWOX BI service account.


If you need to create a new dataset, then here you can choose the ‘Create a new dataset’ option to input the dataset name and its location.


Important:When choosing a location, make sure you select the same location as your other datasets. BigQuery does not allow processing data from different locations in one request. View the list of available locations for BigQuery datasets.


Step 7. Click the ‘Grant access’ button.



Step 8. You're all done! Your BigQuery dataset should be displayed in the list of shared datasets.



And now you can use your data, stored in the shared BigQuery dataset, for setting up Pipelines, Streaming, and Transformations.

If you have any questions about granting access to BigQuery datasets, please reach out to us at

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