Consumption Units and Credits


Product — one of the OWOX BI Products like Pipeline, Streaming, and Transformation.

Consumption Unit — evaluates how actively a customer uses each Product. One Product has one or more Consumption units. For example, the Product 'OWOX BI Pipeline' has two Consumption units: 'Data Sources' and 'Pipelines'. Check out how Product Consumption Units convert to Credits

Credit — a value of a unit of a consumed Product.

Tier — a range of consumed Credits, defining a ‘Subscription price’ and ‘Pay-as-you-go price’ per Credit within a Tier.


Calculation logic with examples

Note:All the numbers above are provided for logic illustration only.

Product monthly price calculation includes three steps: Consumption units, Credits, and price.


Step 1. Calculating Consumption units

Consumed units are calculated during the reporting period. Take a look at the example below:

Month Product Consumption Unit Qty
2022, Aug Pipeline Data Source 5
2022, Aug Pipeline Pipeline 15
2022, Aug Transformation Operation Run 900


Each unit has criteria to be calculated as «consumed» and rounding. For instance:

  • If a Pipeline was created, but no data is gathered within a month, the Pipeline isn't counted.
  • The number of consumed operation runs is rounded up to hundreds.


Step 2. Calculating Credits

Each Consumption unit has a predefined Credit value:

Product Unit Credits Per Unit
Pipeline Data Source 75
Pipeline Pipeline 40
Transformation Operation Run 1


Calculation of the consumed Credits is as simple as that: Consumed Credits = Credits Per Unit × Qty.

Month Product Consumption Unit Qty Credits Per Unit Consumed Credits
2022, Aug Pipeline Data Source 5 75 375
2022, Aug Pipeline Pipeline 15 40 600
2022, Aug Transformation Operation Run 900 1 900
Total Credits 1875


Step 3. Calculating price

As a SaaS product, we offer subscription options for our customers for lower prices than pay-as-you-go. The more credits consumer subscribes to, the less they pay for Credit on average. For instance, customers' product subscriptions could look like this:

Credits per month The subscription price per Credit w/in the Tier Pay-as-you-go price per Credit w/in Tier
0-500 $1.00 $1.25
501-2500 $0.85
2501-5000 $0.75
5001-10000 $0.70
10001+ $0.60


For the example above, the subscription price for 1,875 Credits costs $1,600:

Credits per month The subscription price per Credit w/in the Tier Price
500 $1.00 $500
1375 $0.80 $1,100
Total: 1,875 credits $1,600


If the number of actually consumed Credits exceeds subscribed ones, the overdraft will be paid by Pay-as-you-go price. For instance, if a customer subscribes for 1,500 Credits only, but consumes 1,875 Credits, an invoice looks like this:

Month Credits Type Cost
2022, Sep 1,500 Subscription price $1,300
2022, Aug 375 Pay-as-you-go price $469


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