Consumption Units and Credits


Product — one of the OWOX BI Products like Pipeline, Streaming, and Transformation.

Consumption Unit — evaluates how actively a customer uses each Product. One Product has one or more Consumption units. For example, the Product 'OWOX BI Pipeline' has two Consumption units: 'Data Sources' and 'Pipelines'. Check out how Product Consumption Units convert to Credits

Credit — a value of a unit of a consumed Product.

Tier — a range of consumed Credits, defining a ‘Subscription price’ and ‘Pay-as-you-go price’ per Credit within a Tier.


Calculation logic with examples

Note:All the numbers above are provided for logic illustration only.

Product monthly price calculation includes three steps: Consumption units, Credits, and price.


Step 1. Calculating Consumption units

Consumed units are calculated during the reporting period. Take a look at the example below:

Month Product Consumption Unit Qty
2022, Aug Pipeline Data Source 5
2022, Aug Pipeline Pipeline 15
2022, Aug Transformation Operation Run 900


Each unit has criteria to be calculated as «consumed» and rounding. For instance:

  • If a Pipeline was created, but no data is gathered within a month, the Pipeline isn't counted.
  • The number of consumed operation runs is rounded up to hundreds.


Step 2. Calculating Credits

Each Consumption unit has a predefined Credit value:

Product Unit Credits Per Unit
Pipeline Data Source 75
Pipeline Pipeline 40
Transformation Operation Run 1


Calculation of the consumed Credits is as simple as that: Consumed Credits = Credits Per Unit × Qty.

Month Product Consumption Unit Qty Credits Per Unit Consumed Credits
2022, Aug Pipeline Data Source 5 75 375
2022, Aug Pipeline Pipeline 15 40 600
2022, Aug Transformation Operation Run 900 1 900
Total Credits 1875


Step 3. Calculating price

NoteThe prices are given as an example to demonstrate the calculation logic. The actual price you get fixed in your contract after the demo call.

As a SaaS product, we offer subscription options for our customers for lower prices than pay-as-you-go. The more credits consumer subscribes to, the less they pay for Credit on average. For instance, customers' product subscriptions could look like this:

Credits per month The subscription price per Credit w/in the Tier Pay-as-you-go price per Credit w/in Tier
0-500 $1.50 $2.00
501-2500 $1.25
2501-5000 $1.00
5001-10000 $0.80
10001-50000 $0.60
50001-100000 $0.40
100001-1000000 $0.20


For the example above, the subscription price for 1,875 Credits costs $2,468:

Credits per month The subscription price per Credit w/in the Tier Price
500 $1.50 $750
1375 $1.25 $1,718
Total: 1,875 credits $2,468


If the number of actually consumed Credits exceeds subscribed ones, the overdraft will be paid by Pay-as-you-go price. For instance, if a customer subscribes for 1,500 Credits only, but consumes 1,875 Credits in August 2022, an invoice looks like this:

Month Credits Type Cost
2022, Sep 1,500 Subscription price $1,875
2022, Aug 375 Pay-as-you-go price $750


Credits consumption

On the Credits Consumption page, you can view monthly Credit usage for Pipelines, Streaming, and Transformations products.


Read more about the Credit consumption page

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