OWOX BI Streaming: Terms of usage

The product OWOX BI Streaming automatically tracks any user activity on your website in real time and collects the data into your Data Destination (Google BigQuery).

Depending on the collecting endpoints of OWOX BI Streaming used, there are two possible Consumption Units:

  • Client-Side Users
  • Server-Side Users

Consumption Unit: Client-Side Users

It represents unique users.  Users' behavior data collection in event-based, or hits-based format via a common endpoint (without a custom domain) like as:

  • GA4 Events Streaming → Google BigQuery - https://streaming.bi.owox.com/ga4/XXXX
  • GAU Hits Streaming → Google BigQuery - https://google-analytics.bi.owox.com/UA-XXXXX

Consumption Unit: Server-Side Users

It represents unique users. Users' behavior data collection in event-based, hits-based format via custom endpoint (client's subdomain):

  • GA4 Events Streaming → Google BigQuery - https:/owox.your-website.com/
  • GAU Hits Streaming → Google BigQuery - https:/owox.your-website.com/

How OWOX BI calculates unique users

What is a unique user in OWOX BI?

A unique user is a website visitor who is associated with a unique identifier and whose BigQuery data has been processed in OWOX BI within one month.

How unique users are identified and calculated in OWOX BI Streaming

Streaming How unique users are calculated
OWOX BI GA4 Events-based

Unique users are calculated using the owox.user_id field, depending on the privacy_info and request_source fields within the OWOX BI Streaming ID. Consider three cases:

Formula for events with user's consent

count(distinct(owox.user_id)) WHERE privacy_info.analytics_storage = 'Yes' or privacy_info.analytics_storage is null

Formula for events without user's consent

Some events don't have either owox.user_id or any other identifiers. The cause is PII data processing according to Google Consent Mode.

count(distinct(owox.event_id))/10 WHERE privacy_info.analytics_storage = 'No'

Formula for events sent via Measurement Protocol

The owox.user_id and privacy_info.analytics_storage fields are always null for events sent via the Measurement Protocol. We count only those events that do not overlap with the cid/uid/ouid parameters with all other events in an 'events_intraday_' table.

count(distinct(owox.event_id)) WHERE owox.request_source = 'Measurement Protocol'
OWOX BI GAU Hit-based

Unique users are calculated using the userId and/or clientId fields within the OWOX BI Streaming ID*

Only the userId (&uid) parameter values are used for calculation here. The userId values sent in custom dimensions are not taken into account. clientId (&cid) for non-consent users are also taken into account.


* — If more than one user (identified by different Client IDs) had logged in using the same User ID, they count as one user. The exceptions are 1) users that weren't logged in and 2) User IDs with more than 100 different Client IDs associated with them. In these cases, unique users are identified only by the Client ID.


How unique users are rounded

The automated billing system employs rounding logic, rounding up to 100K. For example:

  • If the payment amount after calculation is less than 100K, it will be rounded up to 100K;
  • 101K will be rounded up to 200K;
  • 245K will be rounded up to 300K.


How unique users are calculated in OWOX BI projects with more than one Streaming

If your OWOX BI project has more than one Streaming, the subscription plan considers the unique users of all your Streaming during the reporting period (month).

Example: Your OWOX BI project has two OWOX BI GA4 events-based web streamings to Google BigQuery and one OWOX BI GAU Hit-based streaming. At the end of the billing period, you get these unique users processing statistics:

Streaming Unique users
OWOX BI GA4 events-based web streaming to Google BigQuery 500,000 + 390,000 = 890,000
OWOX BI GAU Hit-based streaming 100,000

Total of the unique users (in both streaming before rounding)

990,000 (890,000 + 100,000)

Grand total of the unique users (after rounding up to the monthly bill)



NOTE:Unique users are calculated each day in the UTC time zone, thus the count of users a day may vary depending on your time zone.

IMPORTANT:On the OWOX BI side, total Consumption Units are stored without detailing specific identifiers. If part of the data is changed or deleted on the client's side, this will not change the already calculated totals in OWOX BI.

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