Sending data from your server using the Measurement Protocol

The OWOX BI GA4 event-based web streaming allows you to enhance web streams by sending events directly to the OWOX BI Access point via HTTP requests.

How it works

Use a unique access point URL, e.g. '…/mp'. (Note that there is no slash at the end). Contact your OWOX manager ( to get this URL.

The access point processes each request sent to it and stores it in the debug_info.raw_request field as it is without changes.

Request requirements

  • The request must comply with the Measurement Protocol (Google Analytics 4) according to the official documentation.
  • The events[] array must contain at least one object.

Optional parameters

  • Query parameters (api_secret and measurement_id). If you send it, we will ignore it.
  • Parameter client_id is optional. OWOX BI algorithm saves it in the user_pseudo_id field if you send this parameter.

If the request structure does not match, data parsing will not occur. You can see the original request in the debug_info.raw_request field.

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