Sending data from your server using the Measurement Protocol

The OWOX BI GA4 event-based web streaming allows you to enhance web streams by sending events directly to the OWOX BI Access point via HTTP requests.

Before you start

Before you start sending events, check the following statements: 

  • In the OWOX BI interface, you've created a new GA4 event-based web streaming (step-by-step guide).

How it works

  • Use a unique access point URL, e.g. '…/mp'. Note that there is no slash at the end.
    This URL you can find on the Settings tab on the Streaming page:
  • The access point processes each request sent to it and stores it in the debug_info.raw_request field as it is without changes.
  • You can send any events regardless of when they happened. For example, events from yesterday you could send today with the fact date and time.

Request requirements

  • According to the official documentation, the request must comply with the Measurement Protocol (Google Analytics 4).
  • The events[] array must contain at least one object.
  • Parameter client_id is required for data blending with session data. OWOX BI algorithm saves this parameter in the user_pseudo_id field.

Optional parameters

  • Query parameters (api_secret and measurement_id). If you send it, we will ignore it.
  • Transaction sources. To transfer transaction source information for use in marketing reports, include relevant fields about the source in the params field. This data will then be stored in the final table. Here's an example:


If the request structure does not match, data parsing will not occur. You can see the original request in the debug_info.raw_request field.

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