Set up evaluation of DoubleClick media advertising

The feature is only available in Business and Enterprise plans

With OWOX BI Attribution you can extend your funnel with user actions that occur not on your website — impressions of DoubleClick media ads.

Before you begin

To use the feature, you need to have DoubleClick Campaign or Bid Manager data that can be matched with Google Analytics data by Client ID or User ID in your BigQuery project. How to do this — read in our "DoubleClick Bid and Campaign data" article.

Connect the data to your attribution model

  1. Open you attribution model and click the button + to add a data source:
  2. Select a BigQuery dataset with the data and specify the index of DoubleClick Floodlight custom variable that contains Google Analytics Client ID:
  3. Then click Add. A new step will be added to your funnel — DoubleClick Impressions:


DoubleClick campaigns reports

In the reports based on your model calculations, you'll see DoubleClick Campaign Manager campaigns with the following tags:

  • source: dfa
  • medium: cpm
  • campaign: name of the campaign from DoubleClick Campaign manager

And DoubleClick Bid Manager campaigns with these tags:

  • source: dbm
  • medium: cpm
  • campaign: URL of the impression
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