December 28, 2017 — New OWOX BI Pipeline Integration: Yandex.Direct → Google BigQuery

Collecting data in one system is essential for effective business intelligence. For this purpose, OWOX BI recommends Google BigQuery. At the moment, you can already collect raw user behavior data by using OWOX BI Pipeline: Google Analytics to Google BigQuery. Also, we have already implemented the pipeline allowing you to collect raw data about your advertising performance from Facebook in Google BigQuery. This pipeline is currently in the Beta.

We’re excited to announce the launch of the new integration, allowing you to import the advertising statistics data from Yandex.Direct to Google BigQuery. The data schema for the imported data is provided in our Help Center.

Please note that the pipeline is currently in Beta, and can only be created if you have an active pipeline from Yandex.Direct to Google Analytics. During the Beta phase, the data imported via the pipeline can only be stored in the OWOX BI project in Google Cloud Platform. However, OWOX BI guarantees that you’ll be the only person who has access to the data. Click here to see the setup guide.

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