How to import raw advertising data from Facebook or Yandex.Direct to Google BigQuery?

In order to set up the data transfer from Facebook or Yandex.Direct to Google BigQuery, you first need to automate cost data import from Facebook or Yandex.Direct to Google Analytics. Here's the guide that shows how to configure the automatic import. After creating the Facebook or Yandex.Direct to Google Analytics pipeline, please do the following:

Step 1. Login to your OWOX BI account and go to the “Import to Google BigQuery” tab on the Facebook\Yandex.Direct - Google Analytics pipeline page.


FYI: You need to have a paid pricing plan or the active OWOX BI Trial to set up the Facebook\ Yandex.Direct to Google BigQuery pipeline.

Step 2. Check the box next to “Activate data import to Google BigQuery”.


Step 3. Select at least one Google account with the access to Google BigQuery or add the new account.


Step 4. Press “Save" in order to save the changes.


Well done! You've activated the import of raw advertising data to Google BigQuery. The first data will be collected in 24 hours after the pipeline is created. Follow the "Data Set in Google BigQuery" link to access the collected data. Follow the "Data Structure" link to see the table with the structure of the imported data.

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