Troubleshoot the session data discrepancies

The session data discrepancy may be caused by a misconfiguration or by peculiarities of the related services work. Check out the possible reasons for data discrepancy and find the appropriate solution for your case.

Google Analytics settings

  • Discrepancy reason: Google Analytics Collection Limits and Quotas are exceeded.
    Solution: In this case, it is expected that OWOX BI collects a larger amount of data.
    Please take into account the fact of exceeding GA limitations when comparing the data for the affected period.
  • Discrepancy reason: Data in your Google Analytics Property is limited by View filters. While OWOX BI imports data to Google BigQuery without limitations.
    Solution: Use Property View without filters.
  • Discrepancy reason: The TimeZone parameter is changed in your GA Property View after OWOX BI pipeline creation. As a result, historical data in GA is updated in accordance with the new time settings. While the timestamp of BigQuery data import cannot be changed retrospectively.
    Solution: Please take into account the fact of Time Zone changing when comparing the data for the affected period. Data imported to BigQuery after the Time Zone changing will have an updated timestamp.
  • Discrepancy reason: Your referral exclusion lists in Google Analytics and OWOX BI are not identical.
    Solution: Copy the referral exclusion list from Google Analytics to OWOX BI pipeline settings.
  • Discrepancy reason: The scope of custom dimensions for UserID, sessionID is changed.
    Solution: Make sure your custom dimensions scope is correct.
  • Discrepancy reason: Different session timeout values in GA and OWOX BI.
    Solution: Synchronize the session timeout values in GA and OWOX BI.
  • Discrepancy reason: Google Analytics automatically filters out the bot-generated traffic and excludes sessions triggered by various bot activity. While OWOX BI collects row data that may contain the bot-generated traffic.
    Solution: The solution is currently under development.
  • Discrepancy reason: Regional restrictions. Google restricts access to some of its services, including Google Cloud Platform, in certain countries and regions, such as Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria. For example, hits with geoNetwork.region = 'Crimea' can't be collected to Google BigQuery with OWOX BI. However, Google Analytics does collect such hits. As a result, data collected via GA and OWOX BI differs.
    Solution: Please take into account the fact of Regional restrictions when comparing the data for the affected period. Check out the Google Workspace Help Center for updates.
  • Different start and end time of sessions can be caused by the following reasons:
    When collecting session data based on the Google Analytics method, OWOX BI sorts out the hits by Server time (the time when the hit was collected at the OWOX BI access point; defined as in a time field of OWOX BI tables) and Client time (the time when the hit was sent based on user's device time settings; the value may differ from the actual time and defined as a timestamp in the Session ID parameter). The sorting is performed by the server and client time to exclude the possible delays in sending hits.
    When collecting session data using the OWOX BI algorithm, the hits from the website can get to Google Analytics and to the OWOX BI access point asynchronously. As a result, the session start and end time can differ by a few seconds.
    Solution: Please take into account the fact of different start/end time of sessions when comparing the data for the affected period.
  • Different campaign names and keywords for Google Ads-generated visits can be caused by the following reasons:
    When sessions are collected based on Google Analytics data, the traffic source data is obtained via the GA Core API. With the OWOX BI algorithm, sessions are computed using the raw data collected to Google BigQuery via the Google Ads API. Also, the data about the same visit may differ between Google Ads and Google Analytics.
    Solution: OWOX BI session data tables always provide relevant data, since Google Ads reports are a primary data source for OWOX BI Pipeline. Please take into account this fact when comparing the data for the affected period.

Google Tag Manager settings (or configurations of Custom HTML)

Please check out this article for the details.

Measurement Protocol settings

  • Discrepancy reason: Data is not sent to the OWOX BI access point.
    Solution: Make sure that all the events are duplicated to the OWOX BI access point, i.e.
  • Discrepancy reason: The GET parameter tid is not defined in your request.
    Solution: Adjust your request by providing GET parameter tid.
  • Discrepancy reason: Session is not recorded to the streaming table due to the missing SessionID.
    Solution: Set up a submitting of SessionID in a custom dimension that you use in your pipeline settings (in a "SessionID — clientid_timestamp" format).
  • Discrepancy reason: The hit data is sent some time after the event is completed.
    Solution: Define &qt (queue time) parameter in your request.

NoteIf the &qt parameter is set to more than 4 hours, the hit won’t get to Google Analytics. Meanwhile, OWOX BI can associate the hit data with the right session if the hit is completed within a 30-day period. As a result, OWOX BI will collect more data than Google Analytics.

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