DoubleClick Bid and Campaign data

DoubleClick Bid and Campaign Manager data extends users conversion paths with non-site interactions, i.e. views and clicks on media advertising. With OWOX BI Attribution you will be able to figure out the real contribution of those interactions to your revenue.

To use the solution, you have to

  1. Have a key to combine DoubleClick and Google Analytics data on the user level
  2. Export DoubleClick data into Google BigQuery

Step 1. Create a Client ID user-defined variable in Google Tag Manager

In Google Tag Manager, go to Workspace > Variables and create a new user-defined variable, Client ID, using a custom JavaScript code.

Here's the code:

function() {
var match = document.cookie.match('(?:^|;)\\s*_ga=([^;]*)'),
raw = match ? decodeURIComponent(match[1]) : null;
if (raw) {
match = raw.match(/(\d+\.\d+)$/)
return (match) ? match[1] : null;


Step 2. Add the DoubleClick Floodlight Counter tag and collect Client ID and User ID

The DoubleClick Floodlight Counter tag should trigger on all the pages and collect Client ID and User ID custom variables.


Note If in your attribution model data source you use custom dimensions for Client ID or User ID (for example, when using BigQuery Export for GA360 data as a source), make sure that the indexes of these dimensions match the indexes of the Floodlight tag keys for the corresponding variables.
Example: if the Client ID custom dimension index in Google Analytics is "1", then the key of the Client ID variable in the tag must be "u1."

Step 3. Set up BigQuery Data Transfer for DoubleClick Bid and Campaign Manager

The detailed export setup guide is available in BigQuery documentation: “BigQuery Data Transfer Service for DoubleClick Bid and Campaign Manager.”


Now add the DoubleClick data to your attribution model.

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