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Google Analytics → Google BigQuery: Set up session data collection based on OWOX BI algorithm

The session data collection in OWOX BI will be enabled automatically once you have the hit data collection set up.

The first "owoxbi_sessions" table with session data will appear in Google BigQuery within 48 hours. All the following tables will be appearing within 12 hours after the end of the day the sessions happened. The "owoxbi_sessions" tables' structure is described in this article this article.

You can always turn off or on session data collection using the switcher in the Settings tab on the pipeline page:


Advanced settings

You can upload from Google Ads to BigQuery the data on traffic sources in the campaigns with auto-tagging by retrieving it from the gclid parameter. To do that, go to Settings > Change settings and in the Google Ads reports section, set up the automatic reports.


The setup guide is in the article "Collect raw data from Google Ads campaigns with auto-tagging".

ImportantIf you run Google Ads campaigns with auto-tagging, setting up the Google Ads reports in OWOX BI is required to get the data on traffic sources from these campaigns to BigQuery.

Referral exclusion list helps you keep accurate cross-subdomain tracking and fight off the referral spam. If you have a referral exclusion list in Google Analytics, just copy it to OWOX BI.

Read the details in this article.


You can also set the timeout period before the automatic session termination and collect data on the visited page type to the hits.pageType field, set the corresponding fields in the session data collection settings:


Setting up session data collection in OWOX BI for the users who have session data collection based on Google Analytics enabled

1. In OWOX BI, open the Settings tab in a user behavior data pipeline.

2. In the Session data collection section, click Change settings.

3. Select Based on hit data:


Important:After that, you won’t be able to turn on the old based on Google Analytics algorithm in the interface, and OWOX BI will begin collecting the "owoxbi_sessions" tables only. If you want to collect both types of tables to compare the algorithms, write us at, and we’ll turn on the “session_streaming_” tables collection for you.
Also, note that you don't need anymore to specify the custom dimensions collecting Session ID and User ID in the settings.

4. In the Settings tab, copy the updated tracking code and implement it on your website using one of the integration methods:


Done. Now session data will be collected to the  "owoxbi_sessions" in Google BigQuery.

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