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The start date of data import: features and limitations

What is "The start date of data import"?

With The start date of data import setting, you determine when OWOX BI Pipeline should start exporting the data from an advertising source and importing it to Google Analytics or Google BigQuery. The requirements listed below must be met for OWOX BI Pipeline to initiate the data import.

You can either set up The start date of the data import in the Settings step while creating the pipeline, or change the date in the settings of your already existing pipeline.

By default, the current date will be set up as The start date of data import when creating a new pipeline. You can change the date by setting it in the past or likewise in the future.

What happens if I enter a past date?

If you select a past date, OWOX BI Pipeline will start importing the historical cost data to Google Analytics or Google BigQuery, subject to the following requirements:

  • The data must be available in an advertising service.
  • The period for historical data import is determined by your subscription plan: in the Marketing Data, Reports & Attribution, and Enterprise plans, the data is being imported for the previous 6 months; in the Start plan, the data is being imported only for the previous day.

For example: On June 28th, you set up a pipeline from Facebook to Google Analytics, and you’re using the free Start plan for your project. If you set up April 25th as The start date of data import, OWOX BI Pipeline will only import historical cost data from April 28th onwards, as the Start plan only allows for uploading historical cost data for 2 months.

What happens if I enter a date set in the future?

Setting a date in the future as The start date of data import when setting up a pipeline, will result in the pipeline not importing data before that specific date.

What happens if I change "The start date of data import" for a pipeline that is already importing data?

If you set an earlier date than the date when your pipeline started importing the data, OWOX BI Pipeline will import the missing data from the specified date but subject to the above-mentioned restrictions.

Setting a later date than the date when your pipeline started importing data will not affect the data that has already been imported.

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