The start date of data import: features and limitations

What is The start date of data import?

The start date of data import option determines when OWOX BI Pipeline should start importing the data from an advertising service to Google Analytics. You can specify the start date either during creating a new pipeline or by editing the already existing pipeline settings.

When a new pipeline is created, The start date of data import is set to the current date by default. You can change the default value to either a past or a future date.


Please note that some limitations are applied to the historical data import. You can check it out below.

Data import for the past dates

If you specify a past date for The start date of data import option, OWOX BI Pipeline will import the historical data to Google Analytics for the last 30 days.

Data import starting from a future date

If you specify a future date for The start date of data import option, OWOX BI Pipeline will start importing the data only when this date comes. No data will be imported before the specified date.

Changing the start date of data import for the already existing pipeline

At any time, you can edit The start date of data import for the already existing pipelines. To do it, navigate your OWOX BI project: List of pipelines > Open selected pipeline > Settings.


OWOX BI Pipeline will upload the missing data for the specified period if you change the current value to a past date. 

If you change the current value to a future date, OWOX BI Pipeline will stop importing the data until the specified date. The already imported data will be preserved. 

The field Start date of data import becomes disabled in your pipeline settings after the maximum period of historical data import, determined for this particular pipeline or by your subscription plan, ends.

Editing of the start date of data import is not supported for the LinkedIn → Google Analytics integration. If you need to set a different date, you should create your pipeline anew.

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