Supported dynamic parameters in the myTarget ad links

OWOX BI processes and imports to Google Analytics these dynamic parameters in the myTarget ad links:

  • {{advertiser_id}}
  • {{campaign_id}}
  • {{campaign_name}}
  • {{banner_id}}

However, myTarget doesn't provide data on some dynamic parameters via their API. Due to that, OWOX BI does not process these parameters:

  • {{geo}}
  • {{gender}}
  • {{age}}
  • {{random}}
  • {{impression_weekday}}
  • {{impression_hour}}
  • {{user_timezone}}

If you use some of those unsupported parameters in UTM-tags, you’ll see the parameter names instead of their values. For example, {{geo}} instead of the actual campaign name.

In order to keep matching visits and ad expenses in the Cost Analysis report, move the unsupported parameters from UTM-tags to additional custom GET-parameters and collect them to custom dimensions in Google Analytics:

  • Cost data will be available only for UTM-tags values
  • Session data will be available for unsupported parameters (through custom dimensions) and UTM-tags values

About dynamic parameters in myTarget documentation

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