For partners: technical requirements to call-tracking services for integration with OWOX BI

OWOX BI is open to integration with any call-tracking service. If you want to integrate your call-tracking service, write to us at and read the technical requirements in this article.

Integration process

  1. The technical integration task: setting up the sending of the events from a call-tracking system to OWOX BI access point via Measurement Protocol.
  2. Testing the integration by checking data collected to Google BigQuery.
  3. Agreeing to support and keep the integration up-to-date from both OWOX BI and partnering service.

Technical requirements

The integration relies on the Google Analytics Measurement Protocol requirements. All requests sent must apply to this standard, if not stated otherwise. The events and parameter values must match those sent to Universal Analytics.

Integration with OWOX BI is possible after the call-tracking service is integrated with Universal Analytics, and the same property ID must be used for both integrations.

Standard parameters to be sent:

All the Measurement Protocol parameters can be sent to Google Analytics. 

We would like to provide users with all the data possible, so it's important to send to Google BigQuery all parameters your call-tracking service tracks. If you have an API, we can use the same field values, only adapting them for Measurement Protocol.

To ensure the accuracy of the data collected via Measurement Protocol, we'd like to have at least these parameters sent (if those weren't sent to Google Analytics before):

Additional parameters in an OWOX BI hit:

  • Unlike Google Analytics where PII data collection is prohibited, OWOX BI can collect users' phone number data and send it to Google BigQuery. The phone number must be represented using the international public telecommunication numbering plan E.164. The phone number's URL must be encoded for the correct data transfer via the HTTP protocol. For example: &tel=%2B12015550111

As a result, an OWOX BI hit must contain more parameters than a Google Analytics hit.

Sending requests

A call-tracking service sends requests — in addition to the existing Google Analytics requests — to an OWOX BI access point:


Where [name] is the name of your call-tracking service. And 'UA-XXXXX-X' is a Google Analytics Web Property ID with which the user wants to integrate the call tracking data. The user will need to specify it while setting up an integration.

We create a subdomain and a dedicated access point for the data your service sends. If you need a dedicated subdomain, write to us at

The request must look like this:


Where "..." are any other parameters your service transfers to Google Analytics.

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