Support options

Customer success is our top priority at OWOX. As your trusted partner, we offer additional services to support your Team and provide expert assistance and advice. 🙌

Support options

  Basic Business Premium
Access to the Knowledge Base in a self-service portal
Support articles and comments at
✅ ✅ ✅
Billing Support
Product consumption and usage. Billing issues and payment terms
✅ ✅


custom terms

Support via email
Ticket system via

not covered by SLA

guaranteed SLA
guaranteed SLA
Support via chat
Onsite chat with support agents
— ✅ ✅
Live screen sharing / co-browsing
Google Meet calls with screencast options and support agent consulting and assistance
— — ✅
# of seats per project
Number of emails, creating requests during the last 12 months
1 5 Unlimited
Notifications of new releases and product issues
Blocking issues, transformation results, billing notifications (personal notification)
— — ✅
Early bird release testing prior to the production update
Beta features access
— — ✅
Individual updates schedule
Get ticket updates with a comfortable frequency
— — ✅

Sharing SQL-queries

Sharing troubleshooting queries

— — ✅
First response time for high-priority cases
The first response to critical bugs like not showing data, or the interface being unavailable to multiple users.
24 hours 4 hours 1 hour
Support hours
Both email/chat touchpoints (GMT +1/+2/+3/+8/+10)
9 am – 6 pm
(Monday – Friday)
9 am – 6 pm
(Monday – Friday)
Any time
(Monday – Friday)
Integration questions
Product setup, CRM data structure, etc.



Providing links to articles in OWOX BI Help Center

Individual setup assistance
Product adjustments
Apply new version of transformation, run historical updates, etc.
Support of solutions, provided during the Onboarding Individual consulting, including 3rd party services: Google Tag Manager, and Google BigQuery.
Discrepancy issues, setup audit, etc.



Tickets priorities and statuses

A ticket is an OWOX BI user's inquiry that is responded to by the OWOX BI support team according to the ticket's priority. A ticket is created automatically once you write about your issue or question to or when you send a request using the Submit a request button in OWOX BI Help Center.

Tickets priorities:

  • Urgent: OWOX BI interface is unavailable to multiple users. Data transferred with OWOX BI is deleted, damaged, or unavailable due to the service malfunction
  • High: Problems with core functionality, difficulty accessing the account
  • Normal: Minor problems, questions concerning service usage and functionality
  • Low: Product enhancement or feature requests

Tickets statuses:

  • New: A newly created ticket, no actions on it so far
  • Open: The last action on the ticket is made by you, waiting for a support agent to respond
  • Pending: The last action on the ticket is made by a support agent, waiting for your response
  • On hold: Waiting for a third-party action. Third parties can be either OWOX BI product teams or connected service providers
  • Solved: Your issue is dealt with 
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