OWOX BI integration with several Criteo portfolios

From this article, you will learn how to integrate OWOX BI with several portfolios in Criteo. Please read the instructions below before setting up a pipeline.

Creating integration

If you want to upload cost data from two or more portfolios in Criteo, you should create a separate OWOX BI pipeline for each of them. It means that at the pipeline creation step, you should grant access to only one Criteo portfolio per OWOX BI pipeline.

To create integration, complete the following steps:

1. Set up a pipeline following instructions

2. At the Grant access step, click Add.

3. Under the Portfolio access section of the Access request page, ensure you select only one portfolio (see an image below).

To grant access, you should be assigned the Administrator role in the required portfolio.

4. Confirm your selection by clicking Approve (see the image below).


5. Complete actions 1-4 for each Criteo portfolio that you want to integrate with OWOX BI.

Important!If you grant access to several Criteo portfolios within a single OWOX BI pipeline, you will still need to select only one portfolio on the next step to complete the pipeline creation.
After that, you should revoke access to those Criteo portfolios for which the OWOX BI pipeline is not created yet. Otherwise, these portfolios won’t be available for a new pipeline creation. Read more on how to revoke access to a Criteo portfolio below. 

How to revoke access

To revoke access to a Criteo portfolio, do as follows:

1. Navigate to the Criteo Consent dashboard.

2. In the Revoke authorization column, click the Bin icon next to the required portfolio.


NoteBy clicking the Revoke access button above a table (see the image above), you will withdraw access to all the portfolios listed in this table. As a result, all the related pipelines in OWOX BI will be blocked. Apply for Revoke access only when you’re going to cancel OWOX BI integration with Criteo.

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