At new pipeline creation page do the following steps:

Step 1: Select data source: Google Analytics;

Step 2: Select type of data: Real-time data;


Step 3: Provide access to Google Analytics;


Step 4: Select Google Analytics Property and View data from which you want to collect; 

Please note that you can set up only 1 streaming pipeline per Property.


Step 5: Provide access to write data to Google BigQuery; 

Step 6: Select Google BigQuery dataset

Note:Ensure that Data location property of the dataset is US). If necessary, you can create a new dataset right from the pipeline settings page;


Step 7: Implement tracking code

After completing all the steps do not forget to implement code from the "Settings" tab using one of the following methods.


  • Existing Google Cloud Platform project with activated billing is required to use Google BigQuery.
  • If you haven't created OWOX BI project and set up its connections with Google Analytics and Google BigQuery you'll be offered to do it during Streaming pipeline set up.
  • If you need to delete OWOX BI project, we recommend firstly delete Streaming pipeline so you'll be able to set up new Streaming for the same Google Analytics property in future.
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