How does OWOX BI bill extra unique users

The cost of processing extra unique users above the subscription limit is:

  • In the Marketing Data plan: $3 per each 1,000 extra users
  • In the Reports & Attribution plan: $4.5 per each 1,000 extra users

To view the statistics on the unique users processed during the current and previous months, go to Project Settings in the left-side menu; click the Data usage tab.

On the Data usage screen, you can choose the reporting period, the month you want to see the statistics for.

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For the deprecated plans Basic and Business

If your project is still on one of the deprecated subscription plans like Basic and Business, the cost of processing user data above the subscription is $3 per extra 1,000 users for the Basic plan, and $4 per extra 1,000 users for the Business plan.

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