What does this alert mean: "Ad service didn't provide the required data"?

This alert may appear when exporting ad cost data from Facebook to Google Analytics. Even if you see this alert, the pipeline is still working correctly. The alert only indicates that the pipeline couldn't export some amount of data due to exceptions or restrictions in data delivery by the ad service.

Facebook → Google Analytics

In the case of Facebook, this alert may show up because some ad content was considered as inappropriate (e.g. country or age restrictions) About Facebook ad content restrictions.

Currently, there's no possibility to import cost data for these types of ads automatically. We suggest you use OWOX BI Data Upload Add-on to send this cost data manually.

Bing → Google Analytics

For the Bing → Google Analytics pipeline, this alert indicates that certain product or products were deleted from the Bing service. As a result, OWOX BI gets all the cost data but can't allocate some amount of costs, since the utm tags used to allocate these costs to product ad clicks are missing now.  This amount of costs is what you see in the alert. 

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