Set channels that should not get value assigned

By default, when attribution model is calculated, all the traffic channels get value assigned. But the objective of using attribution results is to allocate costs according to it. For many channels costs can't be changed directly, for example, for direct and organic traffic, transactional email campaign, brand campaigns.

That's why “Settings” tab has option to specify channels that should not get value assigned during model calculation.

All traffic channels you set are ignored, and their value goes to the previous channel. They get value only if there were no other channels before them.

The feature works like Last Non-Direct model, but you specify any channels instead of Direct.


Here's example of value assignment to sessions of some conversion paths in a model with the following settings:

Conversion paths:

  1. Organic → CPC → Email → Direct → Conversion — value of email and direct goes to CPC.
  2. CPC → Direct → Conversion — value of direct goes to CPC.
  3. Direct → Conversion — direct gets its value.
  4. Email → Direct → Conversion — both channels get their value.
  5. Direct → Organic → CPC → Conversion — all the channels get their value.
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