Exclude traffic channels that should not get value assigned

By default, when OWOX BI calculates the attribution model, all the traffic channels get value assigned. However, the aim of attribution is to help you effectively redistribute ad budget. Thus, here we recommend you to exclude the traffic sources which budget you can’t control directly. For example, direct and organic traffic, transactional email campaigns, or contextual advertising.

That's why in the Settings tab you can specify channels that will not get value assigned during the model calculation.

The value of the sources you choose to ignore will be assigned to the previous source in the funnel. This works similar to the Last Non-Direct Click attribution model, except here you can ignore not only direct traffic but any traffic source of choice.


Let's see how the value will be assigned with these channels excluded:

Conversion paths:

  1. Organic → CPC → Email → Direct → Conversion — the value of email and direct goes to CPC.
  2. CPC → Direct → Conversion — the value of direct goes to CPC.
  3. Direct → Conversion — direct gets its value.
  4. Email → Direct → Conversion — both channels get their value.
  5. Direct → Organic → CPC → Conversion — all the channels get their value.

After you have set up the parameters of your attribution model, it’s time to set up the steps of your conversion funnel.

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