Source setup for Google Search Console → BigQuery pipeline

Important!Google Search Console API allows getting up to 50K page-keyword pairs per day.

This document describes what actions should be done by the client in order to set up the Google Search Console → BigQuery pipeline.

Step 1. Create Google Service Account

Follow the steps in this instruction to create Google Service Account.


Step 2. Authorize Service Account in Google Search Console

2.1. Log into the Search Console account and navigate to Settings.


2.2. Proceed to ‘Users and Permissions’.


2.3. Click ‘Add User’ and paste the Service Account email address as shown in the screenshot below. Set ‘Full’ permissions and click Add.


Once this is done, added Service Account will appear in the Users list.


Step 3. Enable Google Search Console API in GCP

3.1. Login to your Google Cloud account, make sure you are working on the same Google Cloud Project, and go to ‘APIs and Services’.


3.2. Click ‘ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES’ at the top of the page and enter the ‘Search console API’ query into the search bar.


3.3. Proceed to the Google Search Console API page and click Enable. Once all is done, the ‘API Enabled’ tag will appear on the page.



Finish. Now you have successfully set up the source for Google Search Console → BigQuery pipeline. Great job 💪

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