Set up a website subdomain to collect first-party data with ITP 2.2 compliance

To collect first-party data with compliance to ITP 2.2 requirements, OWOX BI allows you to collect user behavior data using a subdomain of your website (e.g.,

Step 1. Add a new A-DNS record

Go to your domain administration panel and add a new DNS entry with the following settings:

  • Name: owox
  • Type: A
  • IP address: enter the IP address you received from the OWOX manager
  • TTL: 1h

Step 2. Make sure the subdomain works as expected

Within 1-24 hours, the new subdomain should resolve to the specified IP address. You can check it out at

Step 3. Setting up data collection

According to the instructions for setting up OWOX BI streaming, specify the address of the access point with your subdomain ( in the ‘Server Container URL’ field.

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