Set up a website subdomain to collect first-party data with ITP 2.2 compliance

To collect first-party data with compliance to ITP 2.2 requirements, OWOX BI allows you to collect user behavior data using a subdomain of your website (e.g.,

Step 1. Add a new A-DNS record

Go to your domain administration panel and add a new DNS entry with the following settings:

  • Name: owox
  • Type: A
  • IP address: enter the IP address you received from the OWOX manager
  • TTL: 1h

Step 2. Make sure the subdomain works as expected

Within 1-24 hours, the new subdomain should resolve to the specified IP address. You can check it out at If everything is ok, you will see the info below:


Step 3. Setting up data collection

According to the instructions for setting up OWOX BI streaming, specify the address of the access point with your subdomain ( in the ‘Server Container URL’ field.

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