6. TrafficSource

Use the SQL code below and change {{projectId}} and {{datasetName}} to your own.

#Preparing TrafficSource object

  WITH input AS
          PARSE_DATE('%Y%m%d','20220901') AS date_start,
          PARSE_DATE('%Y%m%d','20220930') AS date_end
          IFNULL(session_source, ''),
          IFNULL(session_medium, ''),
          IFNULL(session_campaign, ''),
          IFNULL(session_keyword, ''),
          IFNULL(session_adContent , '')
        )) AS STRING) AS trafficSourceHash,        
    session_source as source,        
    session_medium as medium,
    session_campaign as campaign,
    session_keyword as keyword,
    session_adContent as adContent
  FROM input as i, `{{projectId}}.{{datasetName}}._temp_sessions`
  WHERE date BETWEEN i.date_start AND i.date_end
  GROUP BY 1,2,3,4,5,6


You will get the data in the table 'trafficsources' with the schema below:

Field name Type  
trafficSourceHash STRING  
source STRING  
medium STRING  
campaign STRING  
keyword STRING  
adContent STRING  


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